A Bit Of My Story

"They knew home was where my heart is, and they left my heart with you." It's been said you can't go home. Places and people change. The place you once grew up isn't the same. The friends you use to know aren't the same. That sentiment becomes evident when one comes across a place they once knew. Everyone and everything is in a constant state of change - for better or worse. Nothing stays the same with every memory being a snapshot of one moment in time that will never repeat. A long and winding road with no u-turns. A speeding train headed off the ravine. You can't stop the train because life goes on. How the life goes on. And if you want some fun... take ob-la-di, bla-da. 

Montana native Lucas Levon has called the city of Chicago home for the past few years. Entertaining thousands of residents in the cities streets and subways on a regular basis, his talent caught the attention of many locals and a handfull of well-know entertainers amung the likes of Adam Levine, Chris Rock, French singer/songwriter Daniel Levi and Carrot Top.

Lucas is most known for his piano pop cover songs in the realm of Elton John, Paul McCartney and Ed Sheeran. A guitarist since the age of four, the world-renowned Berklee College Of Music in Boston became his second home after high-school; studying guitar performance, harmony, theory, counterpoint, music technology, ear-training and songwriting. Honing his craft on the east coast paved his way to a performance and songwriting path that would take him to open mics in Madison Wisconsin, street performing throughout the hills of San Francisco, serenading dinner guests on the beaches of Los Angeles, playing on the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans, a tour de force of Edinburgh and London, followed by a debut performance in Japan.

After relocating to Chicago and gaining the attention of local venues and publications, the vagabond hosted a myriad of performances ranging from residencies at several college bars, casinos in the midwest, luxury hotels and private shows in Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Lucas is currently in pre production of his debut album Simple Perfect Memory.